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At DR Pops, we bring a personal touch with each artistic creation that, not only is beautiful to look at, but fully satisfies the palate.  Each order is designed to uniquely manifest the connection between food and emotion, giving the consumer a rush of euphoria with each bite.


Building Our Recipe

What were made of

Give your taste buds a treat at DR Pops! Since 2017, we've embarked on a mission to take the world by storm and introduce an uncommon dessert into the everyday lives of our customers. Our original creations and signature products are sure to exceed all of your expectations.

We strive to see the excitement on our consumers faces when they see & devour the finished product. With a creative touch, we bring your desires into a reality that they can fully experience with an array of senses. 

Our focus is to combine our fresh ingredients into a memorable part of your special day. From simple vanilla to ice cream filled mint chocolate, every bite is hand crafted to let you indulge in your favorite flavor and satisfy that sweet tooth. No special occasion too big no sweet tooth too small! 


Pick up or drop your pops!

delivery services available

To make our treats most enjoyable, we can ship them right to their destination on the date that means the most! If you prefer to hand deliver your treats, we are very flexible about scheduling pick up times.


The best things in life are



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If you can't find what you're looking for, send us an email! We'll custom design a bouquet for you!

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